Quick-StArt Guide

Navigating the JKBX Journey

JKBX.com has officially launched! There are three exciting phases of the platform's evolution you should know about.
Curent Phase - Buy
Happening now

Phase II: Buy

Once Royalty Shares from an issuer have been qualified by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), they’ll be available for purchase on the JKBX platform. Currently, you can buy Royalty Shares listed by the first issuer, JKBX Hits Vol. 1 LLC (Hits Vol. 1).

Good news: Many Royalty Shares have been approved and are available to purchase now!

Complete your account setup

by completing identity verification, connecting your bank account, and initialing a funds transfer.

Review the Offering Circular and invest in Royalty Shares

The "reserve" button will gracefully exit the stage and turn into a “buy” button. 

Turn your passion into a tangible investment

as you become an integral part of the music industry.

Explore Our Offerings

Phase III: Trade

Our vision is to facilitate secondary sales of Royalty Shares on an SEC regulated alternative trading system (ATS) by utilizing the services of a FINRA Member Broker-Dealer. Our goal is to make this possible in 2024.

Buy and sell Royalty Shares

in a full-fledged financial marketplace for royalty rights. 

Diversify your portfolio

by adding Royalty Shares based on music assets.

Experience the music industry's financial scene

in a way that most investors have never been able to before.

Oh, one more thing.

Phases I and II will repeat every time new Royalty Shares are listed on the JKBX platform. When and if there is a secondary marketplace, Royalty Shares will be available on that marketplace as described in each issuer’s applicable Offering Circular.

Stay tuned as JKBX continues to harmonize the worlds of music and investment, and get ready to make your mark in the world of Royalty Shares. The stage is set, and your investment journey is just beginning.

Please see Jukebox Hits Volume 1 LLC's Offering Circular here.

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What are Royalty Shares?

Royalty Shares are the securities offered by issuers on the JKBX platform. They represent a contractual right to receive a specified portion of royalties, fees, and other income streams contained in the income interests the issuer receives that relate to royalty rights for a specific music asset or a compilation of music assets.

For the sake of clarity, by purchasing Royalty Shares you will not receive any equity interest in JKBX, any of its affiliates, or any other party, additional rights or licenses, including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, voting rights, or commercial/personal usage rights, or any physical products. The Royalty Shares offered on the JKBX platform are not the same as shares of any company’s stock.

What does reserving shares mean?

Reserving Royalty Shares is an opportunity to be among the first investors contacted when the Royalty Shares become available for sale on the JKBX platform. You indicate how many Royalty Shares you're interested in buying, and we’ll let you know when they're officially available for purchase.

Reserving Royalty Shares is a non-binding indication of interest to purchase the amount of Royalty Shares you select at the price you indicate. No money is being solicited from you at this stage of a given offering and, if sent, will not be accepted. You cannot purchase Royalty Shares until, if, and when they become available on the platform. If you indicate an interest, JKBX will contact you to prepare your account for subsequent purchase, and inform you promptly if and when such Royalty Shares become available for sale. You will always be provided with a copy of the offering circular before you are able to purchase any Royalty Shares.

Note: Royalty Shares may become oversubscribed or may not be offered at all, and as such, you may not be allotted all, some or any of your entire reservation. Please also keep in mind that while anyone can reserve Royalty Shares, all purchases are subject to successfully completing an identity verification process and depositing funds into your JKBX account by properly connecting it to a financial institution. We take compliance seriously and all our customers will go through an industry-standard Know Your Customer (KYC) verification prior to being able to purchase Royalty Shares.

Is there a limit to how many reservations I can make?

In general, there are no limits to the amount of reservations you can make. Regulation A, however, limits the amount of Royalty Shares that an investor (who is not an “accredited investor”) can purchase to no more than 10% of the greater of annual income or net worth (for natural persons), or 10% of the greater of annual revenue or net assets at fiscal year-end (for non-natural persons). As such, you should not reserve (or indicate interest) in amounts greater than the Regulation A purchase limitations. Importantly, note that any “reservation” made is primarily used by the issuer to assess interest in the contemplated offering of Royalty Shares and does not require you to buy, or require us to sell to you, any specific amount of Royalty Shares.