Security Center

We take your security seriously

We protect your accounts and data by employing industry best practices such as multi-factor authentication, active monitoring and ongoing cyber training to all employees in order to protect against potential threats. JKBX is committed to your privacy and securing your data is core to JKBX's work.

Using best practice security standards to protect against fraud

System Security

Using multiple countermeasures, we create layers of protection for information stored on the JKBX platform. We do that so, in the event one of our lines of defense is compromised, other layers of defense exist to protect your account.

Fraud Prevention & Mitigation

We use industry-leading identity solutions to prevent threat actors from using bots to create fake accounts or from taking over customer accounts.

Data Security

We employ measures like detection, alerting, and blocking to help safeguard your data. We also activate systems that identify hacking tactics and prevent breaches.

Report a security issue

If you suspect your account has been compromised on the JKBX platform, contact our customer support team immediately.

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A letter from Chief Information Security Officer, Madhav Gopal

It goes without saying that cyber threats are a significant risk for our customers and our company. As a customer-led organization, we fiercely protect our customers’ data as if it were our own. With our customers in mind, we’ve grounded JKBX’s Security Policy in seven steadfast principles:

We start with industry standards.

While some organizations may directionally align to industry baselines, we use industry respected standards like ISO27001 as a starting point for our cybersecurity strategy and build from there.

We use multiple layers of protection.

We coordinate multiple countermeasures to establish layers of protection between threat actors and our information assets. If one line of defense is compromised, additional layers exist as a backup to ensure that threats are stopped along the way. Things like email security and endpoint protection are just a few of the layers in place to protect our valuable data.

We grant only the minimum access necessary.

We enforce stringent access control, granting the minimum level of required access to information and systems, and only on a need-to-know basis. People, systems, and processes are all strictly limited in what can be seen or done. By limiting access, we limit risk.

We secure your data end-end.

We secure data where it is (at rest) and as it is collected and transmitted (in motion) to protect your data. We fortify our systems with industry-leading security controls that keep us protected against hackers trying to access and exfiltrate data.

We gather intelligence from public & private sources.

We know that high quality threat intelligence and strength in numbers are vital to our ability to combat threat actors. We actively collaborate with public sector agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation. We leverage strength in numbers by working with industry and local private sector groups to share real time and actionable intel to protect against or detect cyber threats.

We empower our employees with cyber knowledge.

We empower employees with the knowledge and training to respond to cyber threats. We use tools like role-based training, company-wide communications, and regular simulated phishing campaigns to ensure the entire team is not only educated but knows how to practically apply what they’ve learned to real-life scenarios. By maintaining a relevant, aggressive awareness program we maintain a cyber aware culture where information security is everyone’s responsibility.

We adhere to rigorous compliance requirements.

We adhere to the rigorous compliance requirements expected of financial institutions. 


Is investing in Royalty Shares risky?

All investing involves risk and may not be appropriate for everyone. An investment in Royalty Shares involves a high degree of risk and should be made only if you are able to bear the risk of and withstand the total loss of your investment. Each listing has an offering circular and you should carefully consider and review all  information relating to any Royalty Shares, including the information under the heading “Risk Factors”, before agreeing to purchase any Royalty Shares.

There are many risks related to an investment in Royalty Shares and the royalties related thereto, which include but are not limited to, among other things, the music’s performance, the music business, and other technological, economic, regulatory, and geo-political factors. 

There is currently no trading market for Royalty Shares, and there can be no assurance that any trading market will develop or, even if developed, may not be available to all holders of Royalty Shares, may not be sustained or may cease to exist in the future, which would adversely impact the market for Royalty Shares and make it difficult, or even impossible, to sell your Royalty Shares. You should be prepared to hold Royalty Shares for an indefinite period of time, as there can be no assurance that Royalty Shares will ever be saleable in any trading market or otherwise.

Is JKBX available outside the United States?

We are open to international investors that meet their applicable securities regulations, however JKBX is currently optimized for US-based individuals. At this time we only offer English-language customer support in US time zones, and not all product functionality may be available internationally.

Additionally, it's important to note that regulatory and legal requirements may differ between countries, so international investors should ensure compliance with the applicable laws and regulations in their respective jurisdictions.