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Can I have a joint account?

No, JKBX only offers individual accounts. Each JKBX account is associated with only one person.

How often will I receive royalty payments?

The simple answer is: When we receive royalties for a specific Royalty Share, we will pay those royalties to the eligible Royalty Share holder on a quarterly basis.

But since royalties can be a little hard to understand at first, here’s more detail to help you understand how royalty payments work.

Royalties come from a variety of providers, each of which has its own distribution schedule. The frequency of when investors will receive royalty payments will ultimately depend on the providers’ accounting schedules.

Our goal at JKBX is to make this complex process seamless, predictable, intuitive, and simple. So while there is typically no one-size-fits-all schedule for royalty payments, there will be for you. We will pay eligible Royalty Share holders all of the royalties received each quarter. There may be quarters where no royalties are received, and other quarters where a lot of royalties are received. That is the nature of the music business.

How can I reset my password?

Resetting your password is simple. Log in, navigate to your ‘Settings’ tab, and select ‘Request Reset Password Link.’ You’ll receive a one-time link in your email inbox which will lead you to instructions for creating a new password.

You can also do this at any time by selecting ‘Forgot password?’ on the ‘Sign In’ page.

What are Royalty Shares?

Royalty Shares are the securities offered by issuers on the JKBX platform. They represent a contractual right to receive a specified portion of royalties, fees, and other income streams contained in the income interests the issuer receives that relate to royalty rights for a specific music asset or a compilation of music assets.

For the sake of clarity, by purchasing Royalty Shares you will not receive any equity interest in JKBX, any of its affiliates, or any other party, additional rights or licenses, including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, voting rights, or commercial/personal usage rights, or any physical products. The Royalty Shares offered on the JKBX platform are not the same as shares of any company’s stock.

Is JKBX available outside the United States?

We are open to international investors that meet their applicable securities regulations, however JKBX is currently optimized for US-based individuals. At this time we only offer English-language customer support in US time zones, and not all product functionality may be available internationally.

Additionally, it's important to note that regulatory and legal requirements may differ between countries, so international investors should ensure compliance with the applicable laws and regulations in their respective jurisdictions.